Home Chef Review

I’ve been MIA lately…

We can blame it on two things – First of all, WINTER!  Honestly, I dislike the cold.  I like to be outdoors but the options of outdoor activities to do when its cold out is either really expensive for a family of 6 or its just too dang cold!  Paddleboards and winter jackets don’t go together well. Secondly, my husband started a new company so I was helping launch that and am just now getting into a groove where my mind can go back to things I enjoy thinking about!

Anyway, once it warmed up a little bit we got back outside, but while it was cold, I thought I’d give one of the many home meal delivery kit services a try.  I had a coupon after all, so why not.  Plus I didn’t want to have to go out in the cold to grocery shop, so this was a win-win in my opinion.

I had received an email coupon so one brave day, I decided to give it a try.  Well, I decided to and then I decided not to.  But, I was too late. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to try it, it was that sometimes “fun” things like this get kicked to the back burner for the “important” things and as soon as I put in my credit card number I realized all the important things.  Oh well, fate won and the next week our big box arrived!

I have 4 kids, 3 teenage girls and a boy who is 8.  So I used it as an opportunity for the girls to help make dinner plus learn to cook fun, nutritious meals from a recipe (I’m not much of a recipe follower, hence why I cook and don’t bake).

Anyway, first up was my oldest daughter making Salmon Tacos!  She is 14.  While the recipe card said 20-30 minutes, it took more like an hour.  I will say that I was teaching her how to read and following directions of a recipe, so I didn’t jump in other than remind her not to cut or burn her self or to correct a mistake that would have *ruined* the dinner.  So from start to finish, she was in charge.  She had so much fun and for me, it made the joy of cooking return in me and reminded me of why I love to cook.

This is how all the ingredients came directly out of the box! Also note, this is 2 servings, I ordered 6 (my kids like to eat).  I also wanted to test out the serving size from Home Chef to see if we would really be full after dinner.

See that cute little white container – that’s the corn.  We washed the container and they have promptly been holding all versions of slime you could imagine.


Very easy to read Recipe Card, plus my favorite long handled measuring spoons.  They are called Utensi and you can grab a set of 4 for $20 on Amazon.  (not an affiliate link)


Mince that garlic!


Nice little peace sign from my daughter!  IMG_0009

This is the easiest way to make crunchier hot flour tortilla shells!


Corn Salsa, fresh limes, cooked Salmon (separated with a fork), Mexican cheese and crispy-fried jalapenos!


Beautiful finished product!


Now let me also tell you, that my kids are like every other kid out there.  They look at a plate and decide they aren’t going to like it before they even taste it.  Well, for these meals, since they were not things we normally eat, I told them they had to eat one taco and then they could make themselves something different if they didn’t like it.  Well, all of my kids have asked for this specific dish multiple times!  So we give this one 5 stars!

Our next meal was Japanese Sirloin Steak with rice and carrots. We spaced out our meals a little bit so this one we had over the weekend.  The recipe said this one would take 40 minutes and I’d say it took my “helper” a good hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.  My helper this night was my 11-year-old daughter and once again, I didn’t help unless she really needed it.  Here are the pictures from her cooking night.  It was a great meal, we all loved the steaks.  No one in my family except me likes cooked carrots, so that was a no-go, but it was still yummy!


2 servings out of the 6 servings I ordered.


Yummy carrots!


Steaks prepping with just a little salt and pepper!  Do you notice my salt crock?  I have one for my pepper too!  My sister-in-law makes these and sells them on Etsy!  Check out her amazing pottery shop!


Glazed carrots! So pretty.


Demi-glace and Japanese tonkatsu sauce! Delicious by itself!


All Plated up!


So overall my thoughts about Home Chef are that the meals were great!  The serving sized were great (all of us love to eat, no little birds picking at the food at our house).  It was fun because I wouldn’t go to the store and buy all the extra little things to make the special demi-glaze but getting the exact amount was nice!  As for the price, I consider this a little over our price point for a family dinner.  I think these both came in about $7-9/serving before the coupon.

Home Chef also offers vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free meal options.  In addition, you can order smoothie kits and fruit to be delivered!

Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I’ve thought it would be fun to use this for a nice date night in!  Have the hubby help make dinner, maybe…

Want to give it a try like me?  Use this link to get a $30 coupon!

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