My FIRST Backpacking Trip – Part 2


Today my dear AT backpacking husband is taking me backpacking for 2 nights on the Appalachian Trail.  YIKES!!! (This is me freaking out) I have never been backpacking.  This is an idea I came up with in the summer.  Now it’s fall and it’s cold in the mountains and I’m freaking out a bit.  Whenever our friends ask him about the weather, he covers his mouth or walks out of the room so he doesn’t scare me (cute right).  But, I called him out on it.  I mean, I’m all for surprises, but I HATE to be cold!  One time we took the family camping in Tennessee and it was in the 20’s and we lived in Florida so we didn’t have all the proper gear and I was so angry at him (like it was his fault it was cold – poor guy).

Anyway, I have a new backpack, and a sleeping bag that says I’ll survive in 50 below (praise Jesus), and a bunch of snacks and Moutain House dehydrated food (not sure how I feel about this), and a new sleeping mattress and a new collapsible camp chair and a cute little pillow…All that to say, he has gotten me everything I need.  And he promises he has planned easy hikes and all that.

So while I am looking forward to this new adventure, I am nervous!  But I am excited to try something new and I am excited because, after these two nights, we have two nights booked at The Grove Park Inn with spa treatments.  This is 16 years worth of marriage compromise at its finest folks.

Anyway, stay tuned for my report of how my first backpacking trip goes!

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