I recently invested in a new hammock for myself!  I was also selected to be a Brand Ambassador for Madera.  I really love what this brand stands for.  For every hammock purchased they plant two trees in several countries in Africa.

WHERE ARE TREES PLANTED? Our Partner; Trees for the future not only plants trees, they teach local farmers about nitrogen fixation and sustainable farming. Trees are planted in many locations in Sub-Saharan Africa, including  Uganda, Ethopia, Southern Africa, etc.

I bought the Ocean model because what could be better than sitting in a hammock on the beach!

Ocean Madera Hammock

Ocean Madera Hammock – Hammocks Need Trees

Here is a little video I shot of me doing an “unboxing” of my hammock as well as a time-lapse video of me setting up the hammock all by myself!  I was very excited that it was so easy, even a girl could do it!

Check out Madera Outdoor! 

Have you tried a Madera Hammock before?  If so, which one is your favorite?

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