As a mom of four, I can tell you that sand at the beach is a never ending problem.  I’ve tried all sorts of tips and tricks from around the web.

Like that one time, I left a gallon of water in my car so we could wash off our feet before we got back in the car…except, in the Florida heat, that gallon of water was pretty much-boiling water.

Or the other times, I’ve tried baby powder and used the whole bottle to try to wipe down all 12 legs.  In that moment I was not a super mom!  Just ask my kids.

But on the beach is another story…the fitted sheets, the individual towels, the “stay away from me you sandy kid”, or the “this is mommy’s blanket, don’t step one foot on it”.  Which magically turns into, “but I want you to hold me”.  Which magically turns into a futile battle with sand at the beach.

I grew up in Florida, lived there for 30+ years, went to the beach all the time.  I can only imagine the money I would have if I had invented this amazing “Sand Proof Beach Mat”.

Have you tried one before?  Do you love it?


sand free beach mat



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