A Falcon Guide - Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina

A Falcon Guide – Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina

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Our family loves to hike!  When we lived in Central Florida it was hot (the hot only a Floridian understands) and our children were tiny so we didn’t do much hiking.  But once we moved to Arizona, we were hiking all the time.  The real fun came when we moved to North Carolina.  Did ya’ll know there are waterfalls all over?

Well, I didn’t until I came across this lovely book – “Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina: A Guide To The State’s Best Waterfall Hikes“.  I have found the directions and tips to be accurate.  For instance, shortly before we moved to North Carolina, I had surgery, so as much as I wanted to hike with my family I just couldn’t put in all the energy some of the hikes took, but this book made it so easy telling us which was the shorter route and which was the long way.  Or which one is a casual stroll until you get to the 300+ blasted steps you have to take to get to the top of the waterfall.  That was one that I said, “I’ll have to see that another time” because my body just wasn’t ready for it!

Well, my favorite hiking books have recommendations for hikes all over the country!
So grab the book to your state and start crossing off all the hikes you can accomplish.

Oh, and one more thing, is there anything more wonderful than a child playing in shallow waters of a cool waterfall stream, climbing on the rocks and catching little critters?

Comment below with your favorite travel guides!

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